Product Idea

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is an interesting landmark in Washington DC. It is a great piece and I am surprised Lego didn't create one yet. The monument honors George Washington and is an iconic landmark in DC. The real monument stands 555 feet, much taller then my design. If you support it, I will gladly support yours. This piece is very iconic and will appeal to collectors of washington D.C. landmarks. If you like or previously bought the lego white house or lincoln memorial, you will love it, trust me. It looks much better in person and it is gray and looks so similar to the actual one. If you are planning on buying the white house and lincoln memorial, you are missing the landmark in between, the Washington monument. That's why you should support this and it will hopefully be in your hands. It is one of the best pieces I ever made. In the future, I will try to make other relics of D.C and maybe I could make the whole city of D.C. Thank you for your support. Happy building!