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Railway Maintenance Train


Railway Maintenance Train Update 1

Hello dear LEGO fan
Thank you for your visit!

Hello I am writing this update to make it clear because I thought it replaced the original announcement.

During this first update, here are the changes made.

- The bogies of the motor did not turn, there was a design flaw
I have them redone. I took the opportunity to add a white staircase suplementaire and raprocher of the original.

- Being novice for 3 days on LDD, I could not find the piece 4524365. after validation, I fell on it. So I integrated it into:
* the crane (x4 orange)
* A signaling agent (yellow X2)
* The stop sign (x1 red)

- I added the photo of a catenary (irl creation) with the bottom bar diagonally (not possible with the program)


A big thank you for your time and attention