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Power Functions Unloading Train Boxcar

My submission is an automatic unloading Train Boxcar that can unload up to 8 boxes anywhere on your Lego Trains layout. My Boxcar is built on a 6 x 24 Lego Trains base plate, is 7 studs tall and uses Lego Power Functions M-Motor, Battery Box, IR Receiver and Transmitter.

To operate, you first push down on the vent to turn on the battery box. Next, remove a roof plank just past the door and load your boxes. When you engage the IR transmitter the door will open allowing a box to fall down from the holding chamber, when the door closes the box will be loaded onto the worker's dolly. When the door is fully opened the worker will pivot from the boxcar and unload the box from the dolly. When the door begins to close the worker will pivot back into the boxcar and be in position for another box to be loaded. This process can be repeated eight consecutive times before reloading. 

I believe my automatic unloading Boxcar will deliver loads of FUN and be the perfect add on accessory to your Lego Train Set or Layout.

Included in my submission:

1 x Power Functions Train Boxcar
1 x Mini-figure w/ Dolly
8 x Boxes
2 x Loading Platforms

Demonstration Videos:

***This is my FIRST SUBMISSION so I appreciate everyone's support! THANKS!***