Product Idea

Animal Sanctuary & Cafe

The LEGO Animal Sanctuary:

This is the second modular building on my LEGO ideas account. The building is split into 2 parts.

The first part is a gift shop and Cafe. The gift shop is the entrance and exit of the building, and can have the roof taken off for a better view. There are two racks to hold merchandise: plants, vases, reusable water bottles, and toys. The cash register and desk is by the entrance to the sanctuary. Through the Sanctuary, you can walk to the Cafe, that can also remove it's roof. At the Cafe, there are 3 tables, 6 chairs, and an order/pickup area.


The second and main part of the building is the animal sanctuary. There is a pathway through the artificial woods to the staircase that leads up to give a higher view of the animals and is connected to the Cafe. In the artificial woodlands, there are trees, overgrown pillars holding up the viewing path, a variety of vegetation, frogs, brick-built birds, and an artificial water source.


On the roof, there is a rain collection device (the big circle), that collects and purifies rain water to add to the artificial water source.


The model in total is 1228 pieces.