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Sherlock Holmes Baker Street 221b


This is a lego set of Sherlock Holmes home and office on 221b Baker Street. This set is a free interpretation of BCCs modern TV series version of the great novells of Sherlock Holmes. With it comes the two heroes Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

Sherlock Holmes has a black costume and black pants. Over his outfit he has an black coat. Sherlock has got a selfish look on his face and brown curly hair.

Dr Watson has got a brown jacket, grey pants and a wrinkly white shirt. He does not wear any gloves. Dr Watson´s face is ready for action and he has got ginger hair .

I have only built half of the apartment but i did include the important parts. To the left you can see a book shelf with different books in many colors. You can also find a book shelf to the right. In the middle of the two book shelves you find a fire place, a brom stick and a lamp. On the fire place there are a bottle, a picture and for the sherlock fans, the skeleton head. In the middle of the room there are a red carpet and two chairs, one is red and big and the other one is small and black. There are a lot of small pieces on the table, like a news paper, keys and letters.

I created this because I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and I think we need a Sherlock Holmes lego set.

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