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The Wild West: Tavern


For this model, I made it after looking at some of the older cowboy sets. This is NOT a set from way back when, this is my own design, and my own "redo" of that style of set. I did this just because there have not been any good wild west themed sets since the older days, and I hope to bring back that time period within sets with this model. 

I have used traditional cowboy colors, such as brown for the majority of the building. This set would come with 8 mini-figures: 2 US troops, 1 waitress, 3 cowboys, and 2 farmers. This would also come with a horse. 

The base of this model is tan, representing sand to show that the characters are in the desert (The wild and untamed west), and the small cactus in the set also helps to show that.

Thank you very much for your potential support, and please make sure to check out my other projects!