Product Idea

The Imperial Probe Droid aka Probot



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the legs are SNOT on!


The droid has a smooth metal surface, hence the appearance of Lego studs compromise the final look. The SNOT technique  is instrumental in achieving the best outcome.

We start with the legs to demonstrate the use of SNOT. During the explorations, I realised that single stud thickness was an ideal proportion for the leg as it will match the scale of the head and body. Though it is only 1 stud thick, it still allowed for accurate detailing (Eg. pistons, side markings). A note of appreciation to for useful reference material (

In achieving a true to movie replica quality, 2 details guided the leg design:

1) Screen accurate grapplers/ talons that match the unique design of each leg


(A) - an incisor styled cutting teeth. Achieved with long curved brick and short triangle slope

(B) - Grappler looking claws, probably used to pick up objects. Notice the open gap when the upper and lower teeth are shut. This is captured in the Lego project when the claws are in closed position.

(C) - Another cutting/ biting teeth set whose jaws also clamp tight. When closed, the Lego teeth also shut tight with no visible gap.

(D) - Grappler tool similar to (B) with same Lego detail employed

(E) - A cutting piercing teeth set. Again detailed with twin curved bricks that shut tight as cutting teeth.


2) Accurate joints are a must have, as portrayed in the movie, to allow for full posability

Adjustable Pistons are designed to accommodate different positions. The hierachy of different size of top cap axles for the 5 different unique legs is expressed through 2 different Lego piece types.

Further updates on way, to illustrate the extent of detail that can be achieved with a model of this compact scale.

Thanks again for reading the updates! =)

update #4. It's 1/6th Scale Model? great for making a scene.


According to Wookieepedia, the B1 Battle Droid is 1.93m while the Probe Droid is 1.6m tall. It however does not mention if the 1.6m Probot refers to antannae/ legs extended or if it is in hovering height. For a visual reference of the scale, I posed it with a 12inch Battle Droid (from Sideshow collection).

The Probot appears to be in scale with 1/6th scale figures, making it great for posing with other 12inch models.  More comparison photos follows:

ps. Thanks Lego-hutt for the kind advice.

update #3. Body Detailing Concept Studies


The movie droid body has amazing detailing. I had to try my best to replicate these surfaces in Lego form.The photo below illustrates the details that can be found in the 1/6 scale "SIDESHOW" model.


At the scale of the project I'm working on, a decent abstraction of the individual unique details is quite achievable. This is a consuming project that I'm refining continually. I cannot rest till I get my perfect intepretation! I need more dark grey parts! Photos that follow show the R&D process.




thanks for reading! more updates of the tightening up of this lego ProbeJet coming up. =)

update #2 Comparison with SideShow 1/6th Scale Model


The 1/6th scale "Sideshow" model is a great reference, simply because there is limited info on this droid.

A) That Big Bulbous Head

The ridiculous assortment of eyes and snouts comes in different sizes and forms. This required a variety of techniques to get them in the right place & proportion.

B) Body Detailing

Hugging the body are many tiny details. Twin cannisters, chest plate, turret gun just to name few, which I will cover in later updates.

C) Such Long Legs It has

The legs provided the most fun build because of the challenge to achieve full articulation. A distinct feature of the legs are the presence of axle caps at the top. unfortunately the scale does not allow for it to be carried out at mid joints.

D) Movable "pistons" joints helped to create the illusion of a mechanical moving object.

E) Each claw had its own design. The differences were studied and manisfested through different "teeth" grips & sizes.


Credit given to the following websites and video links for the reference material:

Thanks Norman from for the Youtube video, which provided me with the different angles of the droid.


update #1 Project Height should be 30cm tall, not 30m


Thre is a height error in the description. The built Droid should be 30cm tall, not "30m".Sincere apologies on that error info.