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The Imperial Probe Droid aka Probot


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Hey everyone

Lego has covered most of the iconic ships and droids from the Star Wars universe. However, there is one obscure fellow that has yet to be represented on its own, the Imperial Probe Droid. This mechanical madness, with its probing eyes and deadly arsenal of tentacles, was featured early but briefly in Empire Strikes Back. With its entrance, the humming drone set an ominous tone which was to be the mood throughout this chapter of the saga.

Inspired by the articulation requirements of stop-motion technique of the early movies and the intense detailing that comes along with Lego UCS models, this project is a mash-up of two of my favourite likes. This is a tribute to a historical piece of gorgeous droid and industrial design.


Scale: UCS Type (I am not too sure what the actual definition of UCS in Lego is. But I know a reaction to seeing a UCS model goes like this “omg, that detailing, that accuracy to form, that cannot be Lego!”. I sincerely hope this project is able to achieve that kind of response as a homage to the droid.

Height: about 30m tall (including antennae but not including the stand)

Pieces: 550++ (not including the stand. The accurate number of pieces needs further verification. At this moment, it's really just an estimate. I have not deconstructed the model to do a good check)

Articulation: Head rotates and all arms are ratchet-jointed for full and controlled movement.


Thank you for reading! Hope you all like the interpretation of the droid. =)

After many months of research, trial and error, I have arrived at a firm construction technique for sturdy build to achieve the form. However, design never ends, and I am constantly looking at improving it to achieve as close a detail to the actual model. All comments are appreciated to help me refine this into an ultimately correct statue =).

More details to be updated soon!

HappyNewYear to all, and May the Force be with You! =)

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