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Mediterranean House



this house is based on the typical looking of houses from south of France and from south of Italy during the old century.

definition of mediterranean house:

"This house is usually a one-story design with shallow roofs that slope, making a wide overhang, to provide needed shade is warm climates. Courtyards and open arches allow for breezes to flow freely through the house and verandas. There are open, big windows throughout. Verandas can be found on the second floor. Typically, the Mediterranean house is constructed with a stucco exterior and has a tile roof. These homes make great vacation homes in southern latitudes and overlap with our Florida plans and Spanish home plans."

the model:

Inside of it you can find a table, a bed and some food. The roof is full of tiles, wich is very characteristic of those zones. The walls are made of white stone and bricks. I tried to make bricks and tiles as similar as the real houses 

This construction set include:

-The house

-A little fishing boat

during the old century, this type of fishing boat was usually used at the sunrise, with a lantern used for attracting fishes.

the model should be in 1:44 scale (LEGO minifig scale)

Number of Bricks: 830

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