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Battle of Angmar


Battle at Angmar

591 pieces
Calling all Lord of the Rings fans!
Gather the five Wizards of Middle-Earth to travel to Angmar and try and stop the King before he is succumbed by the power of his ring!
With this set you can expand your Lord of the Rings collection to before the events of the Fellowship! 
~ Race into Angmar with Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, Radagast the Brown, and two never-before-seen Wizards, Alatar and Pallando the Blue!
~ Watch out as the two exclusive Angmar guards fire translucent red bombs from catapults and fire the flick missile from the pivoting crossbow.
~ Enter through the golden gates and find the Morgul Blade, to be stabbed into Frodo in years to come. 
~ Battle the Witch-King of Angmar is his half-Ringwraith state, brought upon him by he power of his Ring of Power.
~ Enter the Wraith Room and track Sauron's progress of turning the Nine Men into Nazguls. The Witch-King is the only one not fully changed!
~ Get trapped in the dungeon by the guards to rot with the skeleton of a previous victim!
~ Trap a Wizard in the spiky stone pipe!
Also, it's a bit hard to see, but there are meant to be large translucent orange flame in the two towers.
This set includes eight minifigures all with assorted weapons:
-The Witch-King of Angmar in his half-Ringwraith state with a Morgul Blade, sword and crown
-2 Angmar guards, one with an axe, one with a spear and shield
-Saruman the White, with a white cape and his staff (with light blue translucent top)
-Gandalf the Grey, with a grey cape and his staff
-Radagast the Brown, with a brown cape and his staff
-Alatar the Blue (the one with the brown beard), with a blue cape and his staff
-Pallando the Blue (the one with the black beard), with a blue cape and his staff
This set also includes eight mini Ringwraith statues, a Ring and a skeleton.
Of course, Saruman, Gandalf and Radagast would all have their regular printing, eg. Faces, torso etc. the other minifigures' printing is yet to be decided.
P.S. The cool yellow bricks shown displaying the figures are not included.
I hope you like my project and support it! Comments are welcome!

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