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The Cat has a name

Following a recommendation from Radfamily, (check them out, can find them in my comments), the Cat now has a name. 

Illustriously named after Nila's favorite cheese, (she has marvelous taste), Cat has now been named.

I am pleased to introduce Roquefort

Remember, if this is a set that you want to see on the shelves, then please share, vote, comment, chuck this around the social media and get your friends on here and voting. I don't think I have seen a Steampunk set like this at all, and Steampunk deserves to have a name made in LEGO, as well as the cosplay and fantasy circuit! 


50 supporters!

Wow, 50 supporters already! thank you guys (and girls) already showing faith in the inventions of Mr. Herondale! 

Remember, if you have any suggestions as to improvements, or even constructive criticism to take on board, feel free to mention this in the comments. 

Let's see this whiz past that 100 mark and on into the thousands! 

Until next time, inventors!



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