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Herondale Inc.


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Meet the Herondales! 

...Or known to their friends as Frank, Tessa and Nila.

A highly industrious family travelling with their fantastical auto-propelling automobile, using the fantabulous properties of steam! (And with the incredulous genius of Frank, this new vehicle even sports luminating panels that DON'T require candles!)

To top it all off, Tessa as industrially designed a mobile workshop to produce her wares, which is able to connectify to Frank's marvelous machine, and go with them wherever they wish, spreading their knowledge and inventions to the ends of the earth, (or until they break down again. New inventions are always tricky).

Play with and entertain little Nila Herondale as she travels with her inventor parents, with nought but a magical lamp and a mischievous feline, uniquely called 'Cat'.

This inventive set includes:
 - Mr Herondale's automated automobole
 - Mrs Herondale's roving workshop
 - 3 minifigs: Frank Herondale (with driving hat, hair piece and top hat)
                    Tessa Herondale (with drinking glass)
                    Nila Herondale (with Adventurer hat and normal hair)
 - 1 animal fig: Cat

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Until next time, inventors!


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