Product Idea

Coast Guard Search & Rescue Helicopter

Every rescue set needs someone to rescue!


Here is a close-up of the motorboat and boater minifigure. Since the helicopter uses a lot of bricks, I kept this simple.

And here, during a rescue:

Wiring Diagram


Here's how the lights are connected and switched!

Rescue Basket Detail


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Here is a close-up of the rescue basket. The basket attaches easily to the rescue hoist, holds one or two minifigures, and fits nicely inside the cabin of the helicopter. It has red floats on the sides so it doesn't sink.

Main Rotor Detail



Close-up of the main rotor swashplate and pitch control rods.

The base of the rotor includes a LEGO round plate with 4 vertical arms, which sits on (and spins on) a LEGO round tile with hole. The rotor spins very nicely with low friction.

Meet the Rescue Team!


Rescue team (left to right): Crew Chief, Rescue Swimmer, Co-Pilot, and Pilot. The members of this team of highly trained professionals work together to complete difficult rescue missions safely and quickly, day or night!

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