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City Music Shop



There are a lot of things LEGO should have added to the City range, but still haven't. One of those is a music shop. As I like music, I would like to see LEGO make one, so I am using Ideas to try and fill this gap in LEGO City.

As you may have noticed, it is an updated version of my old (now expired) Music Shop project. However, it is much better, and (I think) more LEGO set-worthy. On the ground floor, there is the shop, which includes sections for:

  • Guitars
  • Microphones
  • Wind instruments
  • Drums
  • Drumsticks
  • Pianos and keyboards
  • CDs
  • Records

There are also record lining the top of the wall, as I thought it looked cool. Each section has a sign that says what is there, or it would if I had a good enough photo editing program on my laptop!

The top floor is completely new. It features a storeroom full of more instruments and an area where you can be taught to play an instrument (in the case of the minifigure there, guitar). The top floor and the roof are both easily removable for better playability.

On the front of the shop, there's a large sign that says 'City Music', and there is also a guitar sign on the front of the shop. As well as all this, there are four minifigures:

  • A customer
  • Two salespeople
  • An instrument teacher with a guitar
  • Someone learning the guitar, with a guitar and an amplifier

Close up pictures of them will come in an update.

I hope you like this project. If you do remember to support. By the way, it wasn't originally meant to be guitar-biased, but it's my favourite instrument, so that's how it turned out!

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