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Resort Rides

After recently visiting Legoland Windsor resort with my both my 6 year old son and my dad I noticed that after each ride there was numerous different types of photographic merchandise that could be purchased after each ride. Fridge magnets, photos, keyrings and even Lego photo walls were all on sale, it gave me the idea of creating a memory that could be viewed completely differently from any normal photo, I have created the Lego resort rides. Currently I have made three prototypes based on the biggest rides at windsor. Ninjago the ride- this one has been made based on the newest 4d ride at Legoland Windsor, it includes a 4 person seated cart. Pirate falls treasure quest- this one is a pleasant boat ride which finishes off with a plunge down the waterfall, capturing the excitement from all angles in Lego form. The dragon- finally the dragon roercoaster, I have reduced the size of the overall set to include just 4 seats, allowing you to fit the average family size in. My idea is that you buy the stand alone set and customize the Minifigures based on what your wearing on the day and then they're added to the set for you to take home, this is a completely new and big step for Legoland resorts to take but I believe that with the right people involved it could take the experience to a whole new level and bring the memories back to life.

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