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Hazardous Materials Management Transporter


The Hazardous Waste Management Transporter Manages dangerous waste in the Lego cities and other areas that work with dangerous waste. It uses a Management robot to pick up the waste and put it in a container. Both the waste container and the Robot share a flat bed trailer that is connected to the cab and driven by a driver.

Sequence of Events:

  1. Oh no! There is a Hazardous Materials Spill!
  2. The Hazardous Waste Transporter arrives to the scene
  3. The Side doors open to get the robot pilot out of the cab and to the robot
  4. The Robot Pilot gets up the ladder into the robot and gets it off the trailer
  5. Using the Materials Vacuum and the Hazard Shield, The Hazardous Materials Robot picks up the Hazardous Waste and puts it in the Hazardous Materials Tank (Pick up the bricks with the vacuum and put them in the opening hazardous materials container)
  6. The Robot gets back on the truck and the truck leaves
  7. Thank you! (the waste can spill again though to you have to look out)

Associated Details:

  • The transporter's cab uses an orange helicopter piece for the windows so that the cab is sealed and the operators can get closer to the hazardous waste without hurting themselves because of the hazardous waste. The entire cab can open as well so that the driver can leave too.
  • The Trailer has a joint so that It can rotate and includes Technic pieces to make it sturdy. The Hazardous Waste Container can open on a hinge to add or remove hazardous waste.
  • The Truck has driving front lights, siren lights on both the cab and the robot, and braking lights on the trailer and cab.
  • The robot has and opening window so that the pilot can get inside.
  • There is a Management Transporter Driver, a Management Transporter Driver, and one worker who is scared of the waste so he called the Hazardous Materials Transporter so that they could remove the hazardous materials.

Thank you!

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