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Superman's Fortress Fight


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It looks like Superman and Lois Lane's vacation at the Fortress of Solitude won't be a peaceful one! General Zod and Faora have both escaped from the Phantom Zone, and plan on using the Phantom Zone Projector to free their fellow inmates! Help Lois Lane in the Chariot of El to fight off Faora in her Chariot of Zod! Use the weapons around the fortress to help either Superman or Zod win this fight! Put the Phantom Zone projector back where it should be and adjust the crystals to send the evil criminals General Zod and Faora back to where they came from! 

  • Minifigures included: Superman (New 52), Lois Lane, General Zod (New 52), and Faora (New 52) 
  • Features removable weapons, portal, crystal spires, and Phantom Zone projector (purple piece)
  • Flick-fire missiles with both chariots (not pictured) 
  • Will the Man of Steel reign supreme, or will he be forced to kneel before Zod? The choice is yours! 

Obviously, I haven't gotten around to constructing the chariots, but these are only the bare basics and the chariots can always be added in later with the design team's help. I do hope that there would be several clear pieces included in the actual set if approved by the design team, as well as New 52-inspired designs for Superman, Lois Lane, General Zod (or his LEGO Dimensions design), and Faora. If you want these updated looks along with a piece of the Fortress of Solitude (which I admit, could be bigger with some help), please support and leave a comment if possible. Thanks for viewing!

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