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LEGO Azurik


Inspired by the rich and beautiful game of Azurik, these training grounds will provide two key characters from the video game, along with one of the elemental disks. This will act as a nice display for adults who used to play this amazing game as kids, and will act as a fun playset for children, with many cool pieces and figures to act out epic battles and duels! This could be part of a line of LEGO sets dedicated to this game.

Help Azurik train with the axion, a legendary weapon of the lore guardians. Harness the elemental abilities of the disks, and smash the green vase for some practice! Beware, for the Death Disk, the disk of the element of death, is hidden somewhere in the training grounds. Will Balthazar uncover it and become corrupted by the death guardian? Let us hope you can prepare Azurik for whatever the death guardian has in mind!







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