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North Pole - Winter Village

The North Pole!

It's that time of year again, so how about for the Winter Village theme; an epic Santa's workshop scene!

The factory floor features two workshops- Construction & Painting and Wrapping, with a conveyor belt in the Wrapping Workshop. and a distribution warehouse to Sort and Store the presents.

Santa Claus
Mrs. Claus
Head Elf
Carpenter Elf
Painter Elf
Gift Wrapping Elf
Sewing Elf
Plus 3x Reindeer

There is also a small section of housing for the elves.

Props include;
World Map/Globe
Toy sack
Teddy Bear/s (from the Collectible Minifigure Series 6)
Other various toys for the elves to wrap.

Above is the wrapping section of the workshop- the toys are delivered via a pipe, travel down the conveyor belt where they are packed away for delivery by the elves in the distribution warehouse. Also included is a tea-room with bathroom, Santa's private living quarters, and a snowy roof-top.

On the below section of roof, there is a ramp for Santa's sleigh to launch off, which include tire tracks in the snow from the sleigh's sled rails.

Above is two of four clocks, including a Cuckoo Clock.
Other micro-builds include the conveyor belt, toilet, sink, shower, presents and Santa's comfy chair.

The red 1x4 tile above the font windows could be a printed tile with the name CLAUS painted on.

This set would make a fantastic addition to the Winter Village theme, whilst also providing LEGO fans an awesome display model for their homes.

Santa's Sleigh comes fully equipped with compass, GPS, and 6-stacker CD player, in which he loves to listen to Disco.

Thank you to everyone who supports this project! For more pictures, please see the MocPages entry AdventuresInLego
And our Flickr Entry - AdventuresInLego

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