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Microfighter Star Citizen Pirate Attack


Just outside the asteroid belt, the pirate Cutlass engages the larger Constellation hoping for some profitable loot.  Now the fight is on.  Will the Constellation defend itself and its cargo, or fall victim to the ravages of the pirate Cutlass out to steal its cargo.

This set presents two popular spaceships from the upcoming video game Star Citizen in the MIcrofighters style.  The RSI Constellation all purpose ship, and the Drake Cutlass (a pirate cargo/fighter ship).  The simplicity and fun of the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters line is great, so I wanted to apply the same style to another fantastic sci-fi universe, Star Citizen.

These Star Citizen Microfighters are roughly the same size as the official LEGO ones and would be great fun to swoosh around, or display on your desk.  Each would come with a custom Star Citizen minifig.

If you would enjoy an expansion of the Microfighters style, please support!

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