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Lego Gardian

Hello Lego fans today i have built a new Lego dragon but with a slight twist. This dragon comes with a Lego fan who is holding a Lego brick This fan can also sit on the back of the dragon as it flys into the air. This dragon went though many designs and colours. This build has the name Lego Gardian due to the colours i used. This dragon is the kindest dragon you'll ever meet. It is as kind as. Lego customer service themselves with a heart pure as light and a body fulled with kindness. This dragon will protect any Lego fan and help those Lego fans in need. If there is a Lego fan upset then This dragon will be there to cheer them up. This dragon has the ability to turn itself into anything you desire most. This build has a fully moveable head which can move in anything direction, a mouth which can only open and close, wings that go up and down and the parts on the wings can fold in and out plus the wings can be folded back. The legs can move backwards and forwards, the claws can move up and down. The tail can move left, right, up and down.