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Roller Coaster


Hi all, 

this is my first modell of a roller coaster, which might be part of a theme park set.

It is a sit-down steel coaster, inspired by the Roller coaster "Silverstar", located in the German theme park named "Europapark".

I was focused on the car, which are modular Lego sets, so you could add further seat rows to it.
The tracks are built out of flexible corrugated pipes to easily enable roller coaster-like design patterns.

Due to the Lego Design rules, I've had to remove many of the minifigures and so there are only three of them included to this set:

  • First row: random minifigure
  • Second row: Santa
  • Third row: Scientist Albert Einstein

Feel free to comment and tell me, which minifigures You'd like to see riding this roller coaster.

The set, as you can see it here, consists of round about 1100 Lego bricks.

Please tell me, what you think about it.
And then, please also support this roller coaster :)

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