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Miracle Ice Hockey Olympic Games 1980


This is a brand new series I have came up with called Brick built breakaways based on famous moments in ice hockey history. The idea is to re-create an iconic goal or save in time such as my first build concept above in Mike Eruzione versus Vladimir Myshkin. Or the shot which helped the USA beat Russia 4 to 3 in now the most famous miracle at Lake Placid New York Olympics 1980. 

This set is done in a bit larger too mini figure scale size, see pics 11 and 12 for mini figure size comparison.

As far as I know, you are looking at the first of their kind, a fully articulated ice hockey goaltender and forward capable of re-creating just about any goalie save or break away shot you can think of. As far as the goalie he can execute a kick save, a high glove save, he can stack the pads, or drop into the butterfly position, paddle down as seen above.

The scene is this- With 10 minutes exactly left to play, Phil Eruzione fires his famous against the grain one legged wrist shot to beat the Russian back up goalie Vladimir Myshkin and secure the win against what was thought to be an unbeatable Russian team full of seasoned pros with more trophies and world titles then any other country including Canada. The legendary goaltender with 10 world championships and 3 gold medals coming into 1980 via Vladislav Tretiak, who was benched after allowing Mark Johnson to tie the game at 2 literally with 1 second left in the first period off a bad rebound from a mid ice slap shot.

This build is tribute to all of the great goaltenders and forward duels in history and more builds to come.

I envisioned Tretiak when I built this model, as I myself was an ice hockey goalie from age 20 to 37 and was forunate enough to have played on 10 title teams, all be it just on an amatuer level, considering I was born in east TN and did not start playing until the age of 20, I was real successful and need just 23 more victories to reach 300 wins, a goal I plan to reach still yet.

I consider the 17 years I played in goal other then being a father my best personal acomplishment. And now at age 44 I am coming out of retirement to play again, which helped to inspire this build so as to set an example to my son about setting goals and achieving them and too always be a team player.

I envision the legend Tretiak when I designed this model, even though the scene above is the game winning goal against the back up keeper in net Vladimir Myshkin. All be it in full dress its hard to tell him or Tretiak apart as they wore simiar gear. It still baffles people to this day that the Russian coach pulled Tretiak, but as they say the rest is history.

These ideas are like hockey iconic moments frozen in time like a picture, but with the many points of articulation MANY poses are possible. The set is 1132 pieces and the mini figure is added in the for size scale comparison.

So all these factors above and the potential for an entire new line of ice hockey sports figures makes this worth voting on in my opinion, thanks as always for view and or vote.

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