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Ski Area with Cable Car


This a Ski Area Project which may go to the Lego City Collection. It has a Doppelmayr Cable Car and a Ski School. It has also a mountain pasture which hang over the cliffs. The Ski Area is no specific Area it is random built from my Head. I got the Idea last winter when I drove Ski I thought Lego has so many topics but no one is about Ski driving, grooming a slope with a Pistenbully and sitting in the mountain pasture on the top of a mountain. The Mountain is not the best but maybe the Designer Group of Lego can change this little mistake. The Cable Car station shows a chairlift where 6 people can sit in one gondola. The grey building behind the station represent the pay window and the engineering office where the staff control the Cable Car traffic. The mountain pasture has a bar inside and I built a little kitchen where the staff cooks Coffee.

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