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Pretzel Cart


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Serve pretzels with the super cool pretzel cart! Give your customers the saltiest yet tastiest pretzels around in this eye-catching cart. With one Italian chef and some very tasty foodstuffs, who wouldn't want to give one of these pretzels a try? Includes one chef minifigure, seven pretzels and one cart with red, white and blue banners. Has four large wheels and a window behind the cart. 

Can you remember your first pretzel? Maybe. Or maybe you're not lucky enough to even have tried a pretzel before. But if you have or you haven't had a pretzel before, you will most definitely love a LEGO pretzel cart! 

No one exactly knows when pretzels were invented, but a lot of people think a monk invented it in 610 AD in Italy. The monk used baked strips of dough and put them into a shape that resembled a child doing a prayer. Let's just hope we're not eating a praying child every time we eat a pretzel... 

Even though they're Italian, many people still think pretzels are from Germany. It was hard trying to make a minifigure that was half-Italian and half-German while also being a chef, but I managed it. 

Well, enjoy. This is just something I put together in a couple hours. Thanks,


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