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Activities at the Cottage (Inside a Log)

What is it ?
A huge log that opens revealing what can be done with wood at the cottage. This is exacly what I built

To make the wood bark, I used a lot of different types of slopes, curved or not. I used the redish brown for the color. I even added a branch with a leaf to add details. This big construction has a total of 2732 Lego parts.

On the left side of the log, a daughter and her father are building a birdhouse. This is what I would like to do with my childrens later ; teach them how to build things. Plus, the blue sky is beautiful on this nice day. There is also an other tree with a white bird on the branch.

On the right side, a couple are cooking their marshmallows on the fire, with a starry sky. This is my favorite activity when I go to the cabin. The people are sitting on some logs.

Why I built it ?
I built this set because I really like to go on vacation in my cabin. I think that people will like my construction because this is original, huge, realistic and a lot of people like to go to ther cottage, so...

My fail
I tried to make a GIF where the log opens, but I did not succed.

About me
Finally, I am 13 years old, I play with Lego since I am born and I my dream is to become, one day, a professional Lego designer.

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