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Lunar Rover

What is it?It is a space car that an astronaut drives it. This Rover moves on its Tracks, has destructive and sampling arms as exploring tools and also one powerful sampling jaw in front end. It is also equipped with an adjustable dish antenna for communications plus adjustable Solar panel for gathering solar energy.

Why did you build it? I built it for my 8 years old son. He loves cars and trucks and he plays with his cars most of the time. He plays Lego as well and of course he builds cars. I made this and I showed it to him, he really enjoyed watching the Rover in computer. He loved it.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set? Boys love cars specially those are handy and equipped with tools.This Rover has different tools and they can make their own stories to explore their imaginations with them and also its dynamic aspect is attractive for them.

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