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The Tooth Fairy Cometh


The Tooth Fairy Cometh

A medium sized City themed set, featuring a sleeping child with a newly missing tooth sitting on his pillow.

I guess you know what that means? TOOTH FAIRY TIME!

Here, our young 6yo master builder has concocted a wonderful scene of that lucky moment when a child minifigure receives a dollar for his tooth.

The Tooth Fairy featured here utilizes the Fairy CMF as well as the CMF Ballerina's tutu for added style.

Featured in the set is a typical child's messy bedroom, with a micro-build of a Steam Train; large, numbered "Duplo" blocks, random toys, a lamp, and a giant stuffed teddy- here we used Lotso from the Toy Story line. A new printing could turn him into a typical teddy-bear with a monocle and swish vest.

The walls have been built to look like wallpaper, with thin-red lines in between when viewed front-on.

A set such as this would sit perfectly with past Easter Bunny and Santa Claus sets, as the Tooth Fairy is a typically rare feature anywhere in pop-culture, except for an average Disney flick starring The Rock.

Minifigures that could also be included in this set, could be a Sandman-esque character, who's whimsical spell puts children to sleep everywhere.

And perhaps even an insomniac parent checking in on the child.

The young boy, here showing only his head, would most likely be wearing Pyjamas, striped or not, I'm quite partial to polka dotted myself.

Cheers to everyone who supports, and sweet dreams!


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