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Space Station Albatross


The Albatross M.M.S.S. (Mobile Mining Space Station) Just under 3000 pieces on this entire build.

Here we have a twin octagon ring mobile space station, with a 360 degree laser tag dome in the center. There are 6 yellow team members and 6 blue team members training inside of it currently. Note the red laser blasts, and or fact the figures are in some cases inverted, all built on clear pieces, so as to give the appearance of floating inside a zero gravity laser battle dome in space. It's there for exercise, such as learning to manuever in zero gravity. Plus there is no telling what type of alien lifeforms they could run into on their deep space mission, so better to be prepared for anything, so they train for multipule scenarios.

Similar to the space station from the film Ender's Game, all be it other then the dome, my design is totally different from the space station in that film. See images 3 - 5. I built this to be a star-ship/space station combo, as the front end also can be jettisoned from the main station.

The station and its 20 person crew's main mission is deep space exploration, as well as mining of precious metals and other elements, from asteroids or distant planets. Also seek out suitable planets for future terraforming projects.

Two hangars on the flanks, one with a ATV exploration vehicle, the other with the drop ship which carries it down to surfaces of planets and asteroids. See images 6 - 8. Both cockpits on the ATV and drop ship are hinged and open easily, and seal off real nice. The drop ship's engines turn 90 degrees, see images 7 and 8 so it's a VTOL (vertical take off and landing). The little ATV has twin robotic arms which allow it to move rocks, drill, use its diamond blade saw etc. in attempt to extract precious medals etc.. The drop ship also has hinged wings, which fold down 90 degrees for tight storage inside of hangar number 1 or 2. So both ships would be jettisoned from hangars, the drop ship would fly over and lock onto the ATV and the two vehicles could then drop down to planets etc..

Each ring has 8 compartments built on 12 by 24 stud plates. Each of the 16 compartments from both rings has a different lab or personnel quarters etc., setup inside of each. Any of the 16 compartments can be removed from main craft by unlocking 12 hinge points, and placed on table for inner compartment changing of interior for example. See picture number 11, the walls are hidden and I left the fold open doors. There is everything from a reactor room with crew members in special yellow containment suits, to a crew member with a telescope on the observation deck, see images 13 and 14. All 16 decks can be seen in images 12-17 and image 14 and 17 are digi so you can see the computer panels etc.. Images 12 and 13 as well as 15 and 16 are rendered images in groups of four of the same rooms.

NOTE see image number 9 the front on image of entire station to see how the ring compartments lock together, and you can see some of the rear ring in that picture as well. You may notice each compartment slants inward as the walls go up, so as they fit beside its neighboring compartment. There is also six tubes inside of both rings locking the entire design to a center octagon connecting point. Think of it as a elevator shafts for each compartment, which leads back into the center of the station. It was not possible to do 8 tubes coming off of all 8 compartments for lack of space very simply.

So I have made this not only to be a large display piece, but also many playable features, as well as all figures can easily be accessed. The dome is real easy to get into, as you simply slide it off one of its too support rods. And open dome from either side, by simply removing one of the octagon plates. Same thing to get into the science lab under the main cockpit. The main cockpit itself above does have a hinged door, which opens from the rear for easy access to the crew.

Hope you guys like this build, as its been on my draft page for well over a month and it took me about a week just to render all the pictures alone. The transparent blue glass takes forever to render. I just couldn't get the front end the way I wanted it, until I came up with the new front end cockpit, which again is a ship all on its own and can be jettisoned from main station, complete with the bio lab underneath. It has many cool display features and playable features as well.

If you like this build you may like this Captain Harlock star-ship design, thanks again so much for views and or support!

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