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Microfig Mecha

Microfig Mecha is a Mech that made in Microfig scale (i.e. in scale of Lego board games chips).

I'll put here pics of only one Microfig Mech that has a few loadouts.

Here you can download LXF-file:

Sjrry for pics quality. I hasn't already figured out how to make them less messy.

Gunner. This Mech is carrying Gauss Rifle that could shoot with uranium projectiles or long steel needles.

Slinger. It's armed with two SMGs that brings havoc in the enemy lines.

Heavy Duty. Mech with special armor plates. Armed with two missile launchers and two gattling machineguns. Perfect for laying havoc on battlefield.

Seraph. Special battlepack for Mech with wings, flying engine, big force-field shield and energy broadsword.

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