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LEGO Boxhead game

Like Boxhead and Lego? This is the set for you! The basic idea is that some one controls the zombies and crates and the others control Bambo, Bind(guy with white stripe after body), Bon(guy with black cap) and Bert(guy in brown). It is two to for players players and comes with one devil, eight zombies and eight crates with there drop points. Those unfamiliar with boxhead can look at it here:

Player Cards
This is a persons player card, the dark blue tile means which player it is for, the gray tile means your current weapon and the white is where your health is situated.

Once you open a crate you roll again to determine what you get inside. Red= full health, move 2= fake walls, move 4=barrels, brown=lazergun, zombie colour=grenade and grey=shotgun.

I made this in LDD because of lack of right coloured 1x1 bricks.
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