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Large-Scale Nether Biome

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A great bookend or desk piece for all LEGO and Minecraft fans. I tried posting all my biomes as one page but CUUSOO's one-set policy forbid me. Ah well. Here's the first diorama, Minecraft's own hell on Earth. Now like all my other biomes I have stored away, "Nether" measures 16 studs by 16 studs. Even though there's not a massive amount of space of playability, I've designed it mainly to be a display piece with the mobs being the main party piece. Both are around minifig scale and first attempts. They detach easily and stay as loyal to the game as possible. Of course, the iconic Portal can also be removed and added as a decorative piece to whatever LEGO Minecraft house you have going.

5X5X4 Magma Cube. sadly, he doesn't spring like a slinky yet. Not exactly sure HOW I'd go about doing that but I love how he turned out nonetheless. The set could feature bigger and smaller cubes for the multiply effect.

The Nether Portal, iconic as always, your only escape route, don't LET THE GHAST BLOCK YOUR WAY HOME!

Some recently acquired lava plumes. I really wanna work on expanding this in the future to make an actual play board and not just a book end.

Bird's eye view taken from before I made the Cube along with my sad but deadly 8X8X6 Ghast. Does he mourn your passing as he spits his deadly fireballs? What is the secret behind those tears? Support and maybe we'll find out!!!

New plan! If I get past 40 supports, I'll expand the Biome to include Blazes and maybe PigMen.

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