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Stallions Riverside Outpost



- Reinforced base plates
- Dungeon now can open XD (it was blocked by studs)
- Wood printed tiles atop the towers
- Better indoors lighting
- Raft enhanced, nodding the Renegades Raft LEGO set
- Frog is now visible
- Hatch door fixed on Dukes Chambers


Major update - Stallions Riverside Outpost

In order to give it a more realistic/detailed look and feel to the build, and taking advantage that the build's piece count wasnt really that high, I decided to make these modifications to it. It's a big revamp I hope you enjoy it!

  • New turret on the back of the castle, to give it more of a wholesome look
  • Rockwork improved
  • Dungeon outer side part enhanced with a little rooftop and a barred window
  • Living quarters are now accessible through a ladder from the main floor
  • The main tower has been revamped (new battlements, no more panels but regular windows, hatch door from the living quarters)
  • Indoor tiled floors and furniture added to the lower level
  • Brickwork outside now includes green and tan bricks for a more natural realistic feel
  • sloped battlements all around the castle and towers
  • Little dock on the inside for the raft