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Golden Stallions Outpost

Located at the east border of the Stallion Kingdom, in the Peacock River bank, this outpost watches out for possible invasions from the nearby kingdom. Sgt. Adam "Fine Hair" Barlow and a small garrison live here, taking advantage of the plentyful surroundings they hardly ever need any supplies from the capital to survive here.

Design wise this creation captures the late 80s/early 90s sets feel with some modern elements that add both detail and realism to the model. It features four different minifigures that belong to custom made factions, three 'Golden Stallions' and a 'Peacock' prisoner. It also includes a few unique pieces such as the golden scabbard for the Sgt, and three different shields with the Stallions coat of arms.

Playability is guaranteed by elements like the openings in the main tower to place minifigures, hinged back side for easy access to the inside, dismountable tower and tower roof piece, a river entrance, storage area, armory, a dungeon with a removable cliff piece as a backdoor for the cell, ladder with a hatch... Possibilities are endless!