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Stallions' Riverside Outpost


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"Located at the east border of the Stallion Kingdom, in the Peacock River bank, this outpost watches out for possible invasions from the nearby kingdom. Duke Adam "Fine Hair" Barlow and a small garrison live here, taking advantage of the plentiful surroundings they hardly ever need any supplies from the capital to subsist here."

:: The Build ::
This keep styled castle has many areas and play features to it that can be accessed thanks to a hinged mechanism and a removable section of the tower. The whole product Idea is around 1196 pieces (minifigs included).

  • Main tower. The front door is at the end of a stone stairwell and is guarded by the main tower, which is a robust square well defended building that also contains the living quarters for the Duke.
  • Duke's chambers. The main tower battlements come off to show the Duke's chambers. It contains the Duke's belongings, a bed and a ladder leading to the top of the tower. The is access to the chambers from the castle's main level too, through a hatch door and a ladder.
  • The turret. A secondary tower helps defending the opposite side of the castle as well as the river entrance. This turret has also the Duke's treasure stashed at its based, rumor has it that the chest is so heavy that it takes more than one man for it to be pulled out of its hiding place using a chain system.
  • The dock. This castle features a river entrance with a raft for Stallion soldiers to make river scouting rounds. Inside the castle there's a little dock area.
  • The storage area. In the lower level, which is accesible by another hatch door, theres the food storage area. Castle walls and poor sunlight help keeping food cool and fresh although it's not very well guarded from furry little visitors.
  • The armory. The simple armory has a weapons rack with spears, halberds and shields, and a small table for the dungeon keeper.
  • The dungeon. Every castle needs a cell to lock up the prisoners. This one is no exception, and even though the cell has a barred window, I tell you this is the most cold and damp dungeon since the one in the Forestmen's River Fortress ;)

:: The Minifigs ::
This product idea includes 5 minifigures.
  • Duke Adam Barlow
  • Halberder
  • Crossbowman
  • Archer
  • Prisoner

:: The Product Idea ::
The Stallions' Riverside Outpost is designed to be both an interesting display piece and a playable addition to any realm. This build departs from the traditional Lego castle layout of four walls and a bailey. The dramatic stepped front entrance leads into the tower keep, with levels that lift open for play, a courtyard and guard's turret. The river side entrance is perfect for prisoner drop off and the back swings open to access the store room and armory. The possibilities for play are endless!

If you want to build your own Riverside Outpost, free instructions PDF available for download HERE as a guide!*

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