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Blue Origin - Ultimate Collection


This is 3 models of the three Blue Origin spacecrafts, New Glenn, Blue Moon, and New Shepard.

The model includes:

New Glenn

The New Glenn model includes three separating parts, for more playability, along with details to make it more realistic and cool. It also includes "blue fire" on the bottom, to make it even more realistic.

This model includes 1,723 pieces.

Blue Moon

Although this model is small, it looks a lot like the real thing!

This model is made up of 121 pieces.

New Shepard

This model is a realistic has a circle shape to match the real thing. This was probably the most difficult model I've ever created because of the weird shape.

This also includes separating parts for more playability, and a metallic booster on the bottom.

This model includes 914 pieces.

The Minifigure

The Minifigure is a regular space Minifigure. I thought this model needed a Minifig, so I included this guy!

I built this because I have always had a big interest in space, and I like making detailed models too! 

I think this would make an amazing Lego set because it would be an awesome display piece, it would be a playable model too!