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This is Pegasus, the steampunk flier. Built around a few rocket motors and some spare parts, Pegasus is piloted by Guss Goldrench. His fellow crew mates call him Big G. Equipped with only two machine guns and missiles, Pegasus is typically out matched when it comes to firepower and armor. However, all other crew-mates know not to mess this him, since the craft has mind blowing speed and agility. it may seem small, cute even, but the winged horse is a force to be reckoned with.

This model is great because it shows that even small builds can be just as impressive as its larger counter parts. (no pun intended) The craft uses all legal techniques but has a few weak points on the fuselage but other than that it is a decent build. It even has folding landing gear. 

I would like to see this become part of a steampunk theme along with the other builds i have put on this website.

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