The Emily Morgan Hotel

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This is a model of the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.
I know that since this is not a global icon or well recognized building, even if it reached 10,000 supporters, Lego might not approve it. Also, this is probably not one of the more interesting projects on Cuusoo for a lot of people, so it could take a long time for it to build up supports. But if you like it, I would appreciate your support.
The Lego model of this building has 254 bricks, and is about 5 1/4 inches high and 3 5/8 long, or about 18 cm high and 13 cm long. These measurements include the platform the model is standing on.

The actual, neo-gothic styled building stands 205 feet (184.5 m) tall. Its construction was finished in 1926 and it neighbors the significantly more famous Alamo.
A few images are shown below.

I also made a professional-looking picture.
You can see the professional-looking picture here.

And also at

I know that you may not be able to see the full pictures here, but the main image is able to show the full height of the building and most of the base it stands on.

Below is a picture of the real building. Although you can't quite see all of it, I figured it was better than nothing.

Link to other pictures:


1 supporter..........December, 2013
10 supporters.......... December 15, 2013

Please feel free to coment and suggest ideas that might make this project better.