Product Idea

Ice Hockey Olympics 1998 Fleury vs Hasek

This is my second design for my new Brick build breakaway ice hockey series, where as I am attempting to rebuild famous moments in ice hockey history frozen in time like stop motion or a picture in the form of famous shooters vs goaltender duels throughout history.

My first hockey build was the winter Olympics Miracle on ice 1980 and now fast forward 18 years to 1998 winter Olympics and the heavily favored Canadian team played a game vs the Czech Republic who ends up winning this game in a shootout and they go on to win the gold medal. The game was tied at the end of overtime then went to a shootout.

This save is the first Canadian shooter in number 74 Theo Fleury vs legendary goaltender Dominik Hasek number 39. Fleury shoots right handed and he barreled down the center of the ice and pulled it to his forehand and ripped a high wrist shot that Hasek was able to catch clean in his glove hand stacking the pads to his left side with the glove stacked on top of the pads. A common goaltender manuever, especially from more diving style unorthodoxed golatenders such as Hasek. 

Note the evolution of the game from my first build taking place in 1980 where the goalie gear was overall smaller, brown vintage colors, and the catching glove was much more simplified, via radar dish design. Where this new design Hasek's glove has increased in size, as well as its a totally different more modern design, hinged in three places to create a pocket. The blocker is larger as well, and the leg pads are a bit larger, more modern color patterns, as well as extra cowling protection on the goalie skates toes and inner boot walls. The same evolutions that has taken place in the real world from early 80z until now.

I may go back in time before 1980 on a future build, in which case the goalie may have a molded white face old style mask with the holes, or long chin design for example. And as I design goalies from 2000 until now they will even be more helmet design and other modifications added to each new design, all be it Hasek's style helmet is very similar to the ones the Russian goalies wore back in 1980. So I did not change the helmet design from the 1980 design much at all.

Also note Hasek's jersey has the shields added to create that Czech Republic crest design on their jerseys.

And the Fleury figure dressed in the Canadian colors has what looks like a maple leaf style design added to his shoulders, if you look closely at the shoulders from the sides.

This build is right at 1160 pieces, and I think it would be a great set for the display, the fact these sets are very poseable, as well as playability with these triple B ice hockey sets.

Thanks as always for the view and or vote.