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Violetta's bedroom

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This LEGO set project is based on the world famous series Violetta. It represents Violetta's bedroom, which is one of the principal settings of the TV show and the closest to the main character's universe and personality. It's full of details accurate to the series, such as the keyboard, the decoration on the walls, Violetta's phone and her purple headphones!


This set would come out with:

  • Violetta's bed
  • her desk with a lamp
  • a keyboard
  • a shelf behind the bed with headphones, a phone and beauty products
  • a chest of drawers
  • two wardrobes, one in the center and one against the wall
  • Flowers and pictures on the wall
  • Violetta's diary


The three minifigures are  Francesca, Violetta and Camilla. Their hairdresses and clothes are inspired of the season 1 and match each character's personality and style!


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