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Novelty Desktop Tic-Tac Machine

  • Lego and Candy? Tic-Tacs are an iconic candy that everyone and their brother loves. Lego is the same way, except it's not edible. So how cool would it be to have a desktop Tic-Tac machine made out of Lego? Ok, close your mouth, you're letting flies in. Let me tell you a bit about the features and functions of this amazing machine.


  • Fits Easily On Any Desk! The machine itself is 4x10 studs wide and is 9 and 1/3 bricks high. Although the green and white design is lovely, I'm currently working to rework the colors and add a display window. But that's just a little aesthetic tweek.


  • It Works! The machine will not dole out any candies without any money. A lever protrudes from the machine's side that operates the mechanism. If no coin is inserted, the lever can be freely pushed and pulled, but nothing will happen. However, if you place in a penny, or any other coin that can fit, you'll be rewarded with a delicious candy when the lever is moved. The machine itself can hold up to 5 candies!


  • Candy too messy? Well, you can also put 1x1 rounded nose cones in instead and the machine will still function normally. You can even get cones in Tic-Tac colors!


  • Easy to Use? The machine is very easy to use, as its mechanism works on its own. Refilling the machine is just as easy! All you have to do is take off the easy-remove lid and drop the candies in!


  • What About the Money? All coins will fall into a special coinbank that can be opened with an included key stored under the lid.


  • Can I See It In Action? Yes! Look in the updates tab for demos and more!



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