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CW The Flash-Hello, Cisco


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  Looking for a CW The Flash set?  Search no further!  Here's one for you!  This is depicting the part of the show where Cisco Ramon finds out that his mentor Dr. Wells is really the Reverse Flash and has been working against them the whole time.  As you can see, Cisco's laptop is sitting open on his desk, his backpack is on the floor, and it looks like he's been slurping down coffee and soda.  He's crying too but you can turn his face around to reveal his comical grin.

  I created this on a free computer program and it would be cool to have it made into a real live LEGO set, wouldn't it?  Even though the TV show is popular, for some reason there are no sets out on it yet.  But if this gets 10,000 supporters, it might actually become a set! 

  If you're a fan of the show and LEGO, I urge you to hit the support button.  

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