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Rolls Royce Silver Ghost


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This classic 1913 Rolls Royce silver Ghost is a eye-catcher for sure.

It may be an old car but still a good one. It will bring you save and secure through the city traffic and it's perfect for a nice ride through the countryside. You have also enough room for a second Passenger.

Even a breakdown wouldn't be a Problem because all the Tools you need are in the car and of course a spare wheel.

I always whished that there would be more classic Cars from Lego. Especially in Minifig-scale. That's why I decided to create one myself and it ended to be this Rolls Royce convertible from 1913. But why? Maybe because of a old Disney Movie. "The Gnome-Mobile" from 1967. Here a 1930 Rolls Royce Phantom 2 plays an important role. Since then I always identified classic cars with Rolls Royce cars from that era. The Temple-shaped radiator grill, the spare wheel on the side and the solid coachwork which always  appears safety.

In my model I tried to show all these details too. You may now ask why I haven't built a Phantom 2 but a Silver Ghost? Well in 1976 lego did a Model of a Silver Ghost too and so I thought it would be appropriate to give that Model a little throwback in Minifig-scale.

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