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Happy Clappy Board


A Movie Themed Celebration Gift!

This free standing product is designed for the movie lovers in your life. Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, christmas, anniversary, a message to a special loved one or a simple thank you.  The white tiles can be personalised with a simple wipe clean marker. 

This idea came about when I was hanging a picture in my bathroom and I slipped and fell, hit my head on the toilet. I woke up and then drew this.. oh hang on.. that was Doc Brown not me!  Seriously though I was short of money for a recent birthday gift for someone who I knew loved movies and lego as much as me. I used the classic movie clapper board design with a hinged clapper (so it can be positioned at any angle when on display) to come up with a unique fun personalised Lego Gift that I knew they couldn't currently buy in the shops or online. It was a fun build. So much so that I got one in return back from my son on my birthday (as seen here).

I like the idea of people being able to personalise a 3D Lego object and display it at home for all to see. Something meaningful and fun.

I hope you like my simple gift idea made from approx 80 bricks.

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