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Modern Fire Brigade


Introducing the Modern Fire Brigade. Lego made a Lego Fire Brigade many years ago based off of an old antique fire house. Now there is a modern one! This one is all smooth brick and flat tile. It is three stories high, with each floor detailed.


The Exterior

The exterior features a smooth sleek look. It has windows all around the building with either two studs or three studs in between each one. Out front, there are two lamppost, and a number 3 to represent the fire brigade and fire truck. On the roof, there is a Fire sign to represent the brigade too.

The first floor

The first floor is fully detailed. Through the front doors, there is a small waiting room for any visitors. Behind the waiting roof is a fully operable dispatch center. The waiting room and dispatch center have red and black checkered tiling. To the right, there is an opening garage with a fire truck inside! The garage also has a staircase to go to the next floor. The garage and waiting room/dispatch center is separated by a wall. The wall has windows so visitors can see the fire truck.

The second floor

The second floor is also fully detailed. It has a small office area for the fire fighters to do paper work or have conversations with family on the phone. Beside the office, there is a small lounging area. It has a flat screen TV and a couch. Also, there is a fully detailed kitchen so firefighters can cook some meals. Behind the kitchen, there is a small table for the firefighters to eat at.

The third floor

The third floor is detailed as the first and second. It has a total of eight beds for the firefighters to rest after a long call. There is also a bathroom that has three toilets and two sinks.

The Fire Truck

The fire truck is a small rescue truck that fits perfectly into the garage. It has a total of 12 tool boxes on each side. Around back, there is a smaller tool box with some equipment such as an ax and fire extinguisher.

This set contains 1112 pieces and will sell for somewhere between $100 and $150 US currency based on parts.

Thank you for supporting. It is much appreciated.