Product Idea

The Four Siblings: Narnia Brickheadz

Welcome to the world of magic and adventure!

From the famous Chronicles of Narnia books and Narnia movies, comes this detailed version of the four siblings. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy come in this set each with some details that match what they looked like in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I built this from 492 pieces, and it took around 3 hours to build and render. I tried to include as many details that match these characters without over doing it too much. Each brickhead comes with one accessory that is most relevant to their outfits in the movie. I also tried to build their hair as accurate as possible to the scenes in the films.

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Each brickhead is built with around 100 pieces, which makes this set a small one, but still with everything you need for an ultimate Narnia display. This would be and awesome display piece for any Narnia fan, so if you like this idea feel free to support and share. Thanks for the support, and keep on building!

- Bricks_Of_Tomorrow