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Rescue Helicopter


The Rescue Helicopter is based off of the ch- 135 twin Huey helicopter. This helicopter is used by the coast guard and army. The Rescue Helicopter would be a great city or coast guard set. The set uses the traditional red and white coast guard colors, but if you changed the color scheme it would pass as an army set as well.

The set can hold 2- 3 minifigs and cargo. The  helicopter is about 29 bricks long and 6 bricks wide. It includes; rotating propellers, a pilot seat, a stretcher/ bench, and a small compartment for cargo. The tail and "nose" are both brick- built. The nose is made of 16 different pieces. The Huey ch- 135 has twin turbine engines, a double rotor propeller, and skid landing gear. The Rescue Helicopter set has all of these features as well.

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