Product Idea

Brickstone Manor

Introducing Brickstone Manor!

This 18th century Manor house is located out in the country and is the home of Lord and Lady Brickstone. It is a two story castle like house with ivy growing up the sides. The set is open in the back to allow access to the rooms within the manor. Of course this imaginary manor contains many more rooms, but for the purposes of creating a set I just built the front half. Besides having full access to the rooms via the back of the manor the roof lifts off and the stairway is hinged so that it can be swung out of the way.  


The set contains the following rooms: 

- Formal entry way
- Living room with a grandfather clock, two chairs, coffee table, side tables, a hatrack, and an ornate fireplace
- Hinged stairs that can be swung out of the way to allow more access to the living room
- Upstairs study and dining area with a desk, bookcase, table and chairs and ornate wall hangings
- Upstair main bedroom with a king size bed, dresser, side table, and treause chest (that holds the family fortune)
- Upstairs bathroom with toilet, toilet paper holder and sink

The outside has a well, hitching post and water trough for the horse
There is also a carriage and driver for the family to get to and from town


I have included four minifigures with the set:
- Lord Brickstone (comes with a hat and hair for inside and outside adventures)
- Lady Brickstone
- The groundskeeper
- The carriage driver


The set comes with one horse to pull the carriage. The groundskeeper takes care of the horse. 

I really enjoyed building this and I hope you like it enough to support and share with your friends!