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Spaceship for a bounty hunter


I have implemented my idea for a fast and modern space ship for a bounty hunter in Lego bricks.

With square and round pieces I gave the ship its own character. It is suitable for use on medium distances in space.

The question is: what requires a bounty hunter in space? Strong engines to pursue his goals. A modern cockpit around the ship to navigate with ease. Strong arms to prevail against pirates and the police or to flee quickly.

The cockpit can be opened easily and has room for a pilot. Can also be converted for two passengers. A mobile heavy cannon, together with auxiliary guns provides enough firepower. The rear cannons, one of which is movable, provides the necessary protection.

In addition, located in the rear, a charging space for supplies, weapons, spare parts, or to transport prisoners.

I have built this nimble ship with normal Lego bricks from purchased sets. Difficult was the bent basic shape and stable wing. Also a good cockpit was a challenge.

I hope you like my spaceship

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