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Cruise Ship


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My first attempt at a Lego-built cruise ship!  I know the proportions are wrong, but I think it still looks OK.  Over 2200 bricks!  Four floors tall.  On the first floor:

A Walking/ boarding area, Clothes store, elevators, dining room, Helicopter pad

Second Floor:

Four normal staterooms, two deluxe staterooms with balconies, elevators, bathrooms

Third Floor:

Bridge, Poolside bar, pool, lounge chairs, elevators

Fourth floor: elevators, hot tub, Ping-Pong, tables


Each room does not have it's own bathroom, because they take up to much space, so I public bathrooms instead. (No there are no showers on the ship.  Anywhere)  There is space four six passengers, although I haven't finalized their design.  That'll be in an update sometime soon.

I will create more ships later, Each one better than this one in proportions, capacity, size, and awe factor.

Please support and leave a comment so I can see what people want on my next cruise ship- nothing is too wild!

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