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Domestic robot is created to do all LEGO chores. Thanks to its computer located in the back of robot, he would understand basic commands and have the ability to ask a question. His phisic allow to do all basic houseworks like dusting, sweeping and mopping. His third hand  makes it possible to change a lightbulb. Even gardening does not frighten the plexiglas. In the morning, if the Lego family want to start the day with coffee, nothing simpler than asking the Plexiglas to do it. Yes, our robot is also barista or robobarista. 

For the world who change the Plexiglas is the best solution.  It would help Lego characters maximize their time and not have to dedicate as much of the day to doing chores. 

This set includes: the robot, backpack, shovel, mop and coffee glass.

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